Pants on fire

Pants on fire: “Creative and prolific” liar Stephen Glass, who was fired five years ago from The New Republic for the magazine’s failure to fact check his articles, has now written a roman å clef of his creative and prolific fictional journalism. Just for fun, I am going to tell people that I have read it, but not actually do so.

  • lcreekmo

    Did he scam the Atlantic too? I know the New Republic fired him. Sad thing was his stuff was great. Apparently, too great to be true. Hee hee.

  • Rex Hammock

    Thanks for catching that now corrected mistake, Laura. Actually, I knew it was the New Republic, I was just lying about it…just to stay with the spirit of the post. I understand there’s an introduction to the book by the Iraqi minister of information.

  • Lewis Pennock

    this is so meta. speaking of, this reminds me of this thread.