Boston bloginar


Boston bloginar: I’m attending the Clickz Weblog Business Strategies conference in Boston today and tomorrow and will attempt to provide some running commentary. This is my first bloginar and I’m reminded of the long-ago first Red Herring-east conference and a not so long ago first (and second) Personalization conference (at the same hotel) that I attended without recording my impressions. I wish now that I had as the companies that sponsored both of those huge events are no longer around (well, maybe one is. but not at the same level). The ideas expressed at those, however, are still very alive…though not in the ways those who expressed them expected. So, this time, I’m going to at least note a few things as we move through the next two days. While I’ve spent many meetings IMing smart-ass remarks across the room and have “covered” meetings the traditional way, this will be my first stream-of-consciousness-commentary approach. I’ve decided to set up a special page for seminar blogging so as not to disappoint the 3 or 4 people a day who come to the rexblog to get news about the magazine industry.

  • Lewis Pennock

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