Shocking! Is this a blow to the journalistic integrity of celebrity magazines, or what? In a scoop that is destined to rock the magazine world, Photo District News is reporting that People Magazine art directors photoshopped last week’s cover to, are you ready?, add a blue sky. Omigod. The photo before and after. (via

  • lcreekmo

    Well was anyone SURPRISED???
    The problem here overall is that if you are aware people do this, you no longer believe anything you see in a magazine. There’s an ad currently running in the November issue of a number of women’s magazines for Ralph Lauren clothing, I think. The ad features this really tall woman in some sort of beach-y scene, and she’s wearing a bikini or something where you see her stomach, and a white shirt. The odd part about it is that she is VERY long-waisted and has an EXTRAORDINARILY small waist. She looks like she has ribs missing. So much so that instead of just flipping past the page I stared at it for a long time. I decided they must have Photoshopped her, then I had to think about what they would have had to do to do that, etc., etc. Every time I’ve seen the ad it’s bothered me. Would it be possible for that to be what she looks like? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it.
    So that’s where it leads. I can’t look at anything without wondering if it’s real or not. But what about the majority of folks who don’t work in publishing? Do they think it’s ALL real? Yikes.

  • Hudge

    Heck, there are people who believe Bill O’Reilly is real. And even a few who believe Al Franken is, too. Photos – don’t even go there.

  • Barbara

    My husband and I were standing in the checkout line at the grocery store one day and compared three covers with head shots of Julia Roberts. The comparison of the retouching was hysterical.
    A certain unnamed custom publisher used to have an artist on staff who would remove every blemish and wrinkle of the people featured in their small business magazine. Once we (oops, I mean they) took off a few inches of a woman’s butt. I bet she told everyone she knew, “See my butt doesn’t look big!” as she ate more cheesecake.

  • Rex Hammock

    Barbara, I am happy to report that the custom publisher in question would no longer photoshop a person’s butt. Unless, that is, it really, really needed it.

  • Lewis Pennock

    click on the two women on either side of the second row of pictures for some serious people photopping examples (the others are interesting too):