June 7, 2002: “According to Samir Husni, the head of University of Mississippi’s magazine program, “There may be many, many large women out there, but they don’t necessarily want to focus on that aspect of themselves. That’s why there is not a successful Divorce magazine.” (LA Times)

December 5, 2003: “Here’s a fun topic for a magazine: Ruined marriages. Divorce Magazine comes to Florida this month, offering advice about breaking up without going broke or being miserable. The premiere issue features stories about dividing property and coping with children’s reactions and a primer on Florida’s divorce laws. It’s also packed with ads from divorce lawyers.” (Palm Beach Post)

As Tammy Wynette said, “I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E”

  • Hudge

    and they do a split run on the covers, I bet.

  • Rex Hammock

    A little magazine pun humor, there, Bill. Couldn’t resist, could you?

  • Hudge

    Shoulda heard the ones that didn’t get posted. Oh, heck, just wait. You will