Steve Jobs, salesman

Steve Jobs, salesman: In news that Mac addicts (hey, I can quit, really) will cheer, Steve Jobs has successfully undergone surgery to remove a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In this case, being rare is a good thing, as it is curable, unlike most forms of pancreatic cancer. I hope he quickly and fully recovers. Ever a salesman, Jobs’ e-mail to Apple employess regarding his cancer, ends with a mention that he is writing the memo from his hospital bed with a 17″ iBook PowerBook and Airport Express.

  • bhudgins

    That’s interesting that there’s wireless access in a hospital. They’re so picky about cellphone use in hospitals. But wait, I do recall that hospitals increasingly use wireless commo for linking diagnostic tools to patient records, etc. So maybe there’s some bandwidth leftover. Cool.

  • rex

    On an overnight stay at the Vandy sleep clinic a few months ago I ran into some wi-fi…however it may have been from the office building next door…or perhaps the sleep clinic being in a Mariott Hotel has something to do with it as well.