Shh. Pass it on

Shh. Pass it on: She can’t tell us how she knows, but Betsy says (“on the up-and-up”), she’s heard Bush will be Time’s Man of the Year and Betsy told Glenn and Glenn told Steve and he told me. But I’m not spreading rumors: this is on the up-and-up. Oh, yes, and bloggers get an honorable mention. For the record, if bloggers were going to be “da man of the year,” Glenn would have been interviewed.

Update: Jim Kelly, the managing editor of Time, told my online buddy Patrick at I Want Media, that, get this, Time’s Person of the Year is “a very big deal.” I just thought you’d like to know. Kelly says he also reads lots of weblogs. I wonder if he’s ever seen this.

  • lcreekmo

    Oh I hope it’s true. I soooo want to be right for having said something to the effect of “I wouldn’t bet against W” right here in the Rexblog, what, three weeks ago?

  • rex

    Yes, Laura. You predicted it. I will be happy to vouch for you going on record with this prediction. I hope you know that this means Time’s editors are reworking the cover story as we speak.

  • Hudge

    Dark horse candidate: a concept “entity of the year”: the Iraqi insurgents

  • Sam

    I’ll bet against him anyday.

  • rex

    Yugi, I’m picturing you as a Nader man. Indeed, I think I’ve seen you being quoted as such in print.

  • Sam

    you’ve sucked the fun out of pretending to have a japanese name. heres one of my favorite websites:

  • Sam

    not partisan i promise