Mossberg tests the iPod Shuffle and predicts “the iPod juggernaut will roll on

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Mossberg tests the iPod Shuffle and predicts “the iPod juggernaut will roll on”: (Okay, this is my last, last Apple post.) My friend Jeff Jarvis, with whom I agree regarding the absurdity of Apple suing bloggers (I will contribute to the legal defense fund and applaud the EFF for defending those sued by Apple.), asks if the iPod is “jumping the shark?” with the iPod Shuffle. Obviously, I disagree, as I’ve tried to argue at length, judging any model of the iPod on some feature like “play order” totally misses the secret sauce of Apples success.

I “get” the iPod Shuffle as a “add-on” product that I and others will use when working out (when I don’t use the screen or scroll wheel, anyway).

Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal personal technology writer, who has actually tested the iPod Shuffle for several days (rather than speculate like Jeff and me), lauds the quality and pricing (subscription required) of the product while pointing out its obvioius feature limitations. He says, “in my tests, it fulfilled — and even exceeded — Apple’s claims for convenience, battery life and song capacity. Sound quality is so good you can barely believe the music is coming from something so small.”

Despite its lack of some of the features iPod users love, Mossberg’s bottomline is:

Still, this is a good product that will enlarge the iPod’s appeal, especially with kids, people on low budgets, or people who work out. I imagine some existing iPod owners will also buy Shuffles as sort of add-on players. And the iPod juggernaut will roll on.

  • lcreekmo

    Yes, yes. This was my first point on the Shuffle: you could envision buying this for a kid. The iPod is for grownups, or teenagers. And I totally believe that people [including me] would buy one in addition to. Because lots of workout clothes just don’t have pockets to stick the iPod in. And once you get used to walking around with a soundtrack for your life, it’s hard to stop.