That’s one dumb step for The Rolling Stone, one giant leap for Zondervan’s Bible marketing campaign

That’s one mis-step for The Rolling Stone, one giant leap for Zondervan’s Bible marketing campaign: I can’t count how many types of combined stupidity it takes for a magazine publisher to reject an advertisement from a Bible publisher. As reported by USA Today, Zondervan’s largest-ever campaign to encourage 18-34 year olds to read the Bible (they publish one of the most popular versions) was rejected by Rolling Stone by someone who obviously must have been stoned at the time.


The magazine rejected Zondervan’s Bible ad just weeks before its scheduled run date, citing an unwritten policy against accepting ads containing religious messages.

What about anti-religious messages? What about anti-Bill of Rights messages? What about anti-common-sense messages?

Ironically, the rejection of this ad by The Rolling Stone (and the gazillion of newsstories, blog posts and next Sunday sermons it will inspire) will prove to be a much more significant marketing event for Zondervan than if the advertisment had run.

God works in mysterious ways.

  • Hudge

    Well, not to keep you from casting the first stone, but it’s interesting to note that Rolling Stone actually did sell them the space last summer, but rejected it after seeing the actual ad. So did they develop this alleged but unseen policy statement since then or did they actually violate it last year in selling the space? Lord Knows.