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Sign me up: I know that one reader of this weblog will not approve (he’s not a fan of Bezos, long story), but I’ve already signed up for Amazon Prime – “All You Can Eat” Express Shipping. For $79, you get a year of “free” (how’s it free when I pay $80 for it?) 2-day shipments and overnight shipments for $4 with no minimum purchase required. Up to four members of a household can use it. A quick review of my purchase record convinced me that, for me at least, this is a no-brainer. Apparently, they’ll still be offering the super saver free shipping for purchases over $50. Also, before you purchase anything at Amazon, remember to come to the rexblog and click on the link to my affiliate store on the left-hand column of any page on this blog. I was saving up all my commissions for a plasma TV (I was up to, like, $22) but then I donated it to the Red Cross tsunami-relief fund, instead.

  • Cole

    Sweet! That’s something I can get on board with! My yearly Amazon purchases would easily make that worthwhile. I’m headed that way right now to check it out….

  • lcreekmo

    Seriously. This is a super deal. I get REALLY tired of waiting the four days [or 10, you never know, do you?] for my free super saver shipping.

    Also, these people at Amazon are the world’s most brilliant geniuses for coming up with more ways to suck money out of me.

  • rex

    As I am someone who walks past lcreekmo’s office each day (several times) and notices Amazon boxes there quite often, I can confirm her prediction that she’ll save money on this deal.

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