I don’t think he likes Jacksonville

Super Bowl hype embargo: Bill Simmons uses 2,000 words to argue why he doesn’t think Jacksonville is the right place to have a Super Bowl. As I’ve said way too often, the two weeks before the Super Bowl are the worst two weeks in sports. Primarily, because typically talented writers like Bill Simmons are reduced to cranking out this kind of crap. Unless the Titans are involved (hey, it could happen again one day), I’ve sworn off all pre-Super Bowl hype for the rest of my life.

  • Mr Roboto

    Actually, 1,500 words on why Jacksonville isn’t the right place, and then another 500 defending his decision to write 1,500 words on why Jacksonville isn’t the right place.

    I love Simmons’ articles, but I wish he’d get over himself very soon and start writing exceptional columns on a variety of topics again. He’s gotten very lazy the past few years, writing about the same 3 or 4 topics.