Most e-mailed NYT article is 2 months old

Most e-mailed NYT article is 2 months old: While I don’t have the time to cite the specific posts, Doc Searls has often used the NY Times archives (and their cost-wall approach) to explore the value of what he refuses to call “content.” One aspect of their archives not subject to the costwall (just the registration requirement) are the reviews and articles appearing in the Sunday Books section. This means that for some reason I have missed, this two month old article regarding the best books of 2004 has hit today’s list of the “most e-mailed NYT stories.”

  • Mr Roboto

    Just this weekend, I checked out one of those books from the Williamson Co. Library; Alice Munro’s Runaway.

    {patting self on back and glad to have the opportunity to brag about fancy book reading}