– Kid Rock arrested on assault charges – Feb 16, 2005

Fun in Nashville: Saucy Librarian says, “thank god (she) didn’t have to work last night” when commenting on this story about Kid Rock’s evening in Music City. Key quote: “Everything is wonderful. It was a beautiful night,” Kid Rock said as he left the Criminal Justice Center.”

  • Hudge

    somehow it is fitting that KR was here for Merle Kilgore’s funeral. a very country music thing to do – go to the funeral, go to the strip joint, get in a fight, go to jail, call it a beautiful night. Wish we could bring back Steve Goodman to add another verse to “You Never Call Me by My Name.”

  • lcreekmo

    Good one.

  • Glen Dean

    Priceless Publicity for this so-called rebel. Of course this old Deadhead just thinks he’s an idiot.

  • Mond

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