Did I say AP RSS is crack for news junkies? Wait ’til you see this

Did I say AP RSS is crack for news junkies? Wait ’til you see this: A couple of posts ago, I linked to this dandy page with AP’s RSS feeds by category. Check out this page with RSS links to specific words
— an indication of where AP is headed with this. (Heck, I even got my RSS feed wish for AP stories about the Titans…ironically, it appears, via the Washington Post’s site.)

(Thanks for the heads up to Steve Kirks (my hero) of Userland,  the host of the rexblog.)

  • Noah Brier

    Hey Rex, hate to rain on your parade, but are you sure that’s an RSS feed for AP stories about the titans and not a listing of their last 5 and next 5 games? When you look at the Rich HTML version, it certainly looks that way: http://hosted.ap.org/lineups/WAPO_NFL_TITANS_NEXT_LAST-rich.html

  • Noah Brier

    Did a little investigating, I believe this is the feed you’re looking for: http://hosted.ap.org/lineups/FBNTITANS.rss

    And for all the other Bears fans out there, here’s the Bears feed: http://hosted.ap.org/lineups/FBNBEARS.rss

  • rex

    Noah. Such an outstanding discovery as that will lead you to hero status here on the rexblog. Much thanks.

  • Noah Brier

    From one football fan to another, it was a pleasure. Not as much as that safety in overtime, but a pleasure nonetheless.