A bit presumptuous, but good, question

A bit presumptuous, but good, question: Jason Fried, the incredibly smart and talented person behind one of my favorite cool things on the Internet, Basecamp, asks a question that only he can answer:

From where I sit, it seems like the following popular web services are the last of the self-funded independents: Basecamp, Del.icio.us, Campaign Monitor and WordPress. Who’s next to drop? Know of any other popular web apps that are completely on their own?

Again, nothing against Jason. I’ve spent the past week
telling people how incredible his presentation at SxSW last week was.
But, the number of popular web apps (among different niche audiences)
that are completely on their own is a mind-boggling number.

  • NakedChicksRule

    Who is this web site for? Doesn’t seem to generate a lot of comments…

    Good luck with that.

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    It’s for the seven people who come here and never comment.