• Linda W.

    Oh no – say it isn’t so! Welcome to the world of navel gazers Rex. 🙂

    OK, I can understand having to sign in to one’s Yahoo! account to view the blog (sort of), but even as a Yahoo! member, one can only lurk, not comment… Seems like a pretty exclusive club – congrats on the membership!

  • rex

    You mean, you have to be a Yahoo! member to look at it? That sounds lame. I specifically chose the “everyone” option for allowing someone to view. To me, “everyone” includes non Yahoo! members. What? No comments? I chose the option to allow comments, but I guess that’s a beta-glitch. Okay. I give up. My Rex! 360! experiment is official on hiatus. (Except for dog picture posts.)

  • Linda W.

    Sorry, let me clarify…

    You have to sign into to Yahoo! to read/lurk, and be a 360 member to comment.

    Bring on the dog pics!

  • Donny

    Thank you for the info!