Since we’re talking about highly suspect research

Since we’re talking about highly suspect research: Why is it news when a company does research on their product and the research reveals something positive?

Disclosure: Despite three years of trying to understand “digital
versions of magazines,” (and I’ve tried, really, I have), I just don’t
sense a groundswell of demand from readers, rather I sense they are
something publishers would love for readers to want. As I spent
considerable time on this topic a couple of years ago (and, frankly,
that’s where this concept is stuck), I’ll let others debate the future
of PDF-like replicas of print magazines. If someone (other than
publishers) want them, great! Knock yourself out.

  • Blair Stilwell

    I thought a PDF version of a car magazine was great just because I knew it meant the staff got to drive some awesome cars. Then I realized the guys at have the same access but with readers.

  • Shawn Lea

    I don’t think PDF magazines will ever gain widespread acceptance – not until you can take a PDF into the loo or your mother-in-law’s house anyway.