iPotus update

iPotus update: 
As blogged earlier, the NY Times today did a piece on President Bush’s
iPod playlist. Now, the most authoritative Bush-blogger I know, Patrick Ruffini, has “thrown away a perfectly fine evening to create a compelling user experience,” an iPod iMix (requires iTunes) of songs mentioned in the article and other tunes Patrick believes are similar to those mentioned.

  • Hudge

    It wasn’t the short tune list – maybe he needs to leave room for carrying files with the nuclear codes on them? – but the 170 beats per minute heartrate that caught my attention. A man his age – 58, almost 59 – even in great shape is pushing far into the redline with that kind of heartbeat. One calculator I checked said he should top out at around 146 http://exercise.about.com/cs/fitnesstools/l/bl_THR.htm. Another one lets him crank to 162 http://www.virtualfitnesstrainer.com/cooltools. That’s the maximum in either case. I think the GAO needs to verify that 170 claim.