• Mr Roboto

    Maybe someone should throw JJH a welcome party.

  • rex

    That certainly would be more fun than a Phil Blog welcome party. At least John Jay would show up. I’m game. Name the time and place and we can call it an official Roboto/Rexblog production.

  • Mark

    This could be dangerous in all manner of ways. Great idea.

  • Terry Heaton

    Great idea, Roboto. I’d love to participate.

  • bob

    i noticed that phil is actually posting to his blog now. go to http://musiccitytn.blogspot.com/ for a report

  • xbalanke

    Is JJH still running for Gov? I moved out of TN in ’86 and remember then how JJH running was a perennial joke (I still remember his campaign ads).

  • rex

    I think he’s been running simce the 70s.