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A magazine employeeJohn Thackara blogs what he thinks of his magazine Fast Company being sold:

Quote from the Fast Company Weblog.:

“It’s indeed rotten news that Fast Company’s parent company, Gruner & Jahr, has put it up for sale. A magazine is one of those places – like a school, or town square (or an event like Doors of Perception) – that create far more value than is often apparent. That’s because they enable encounter and interaction that would not otherwise occur.”

Update: See comments for clarification. John is a guest host on Fast Company’s blog, not an employee. I’m happy to set the record straight. I also agree with him sentiments.

  • Hudge

    One could argue that blogs, for instance, or even online groups, BBSs’ etc. create far more interaction and encounter, if in a less structured environment. But having had a couple-three mags come out from under me, I think the school-townsquare metaphor apt, because there is a sense of community and even of shelter in a magazine.

  • rex

    Bill, now that you mention it….

  • Heath Row

    One clarification: While John Thackara is guest host of Fast Company’s blog, FC Now, this week, he doesn’t actually work for the magazine.

  • Paul

    FYI, John Thackara (who posted that quote) is not an employee at Fast Company but is currently a guest blogger.

  • rex

    Sorry. I’ll get that clarified.

  • Gaby

    Very interesting blog!