Just some more Tennessee news

Just some more Tennessee news: Another day, another
perp walk

for four
five (counting? when is it a quorum?)  state lawmakers. Apparently
they were arrested for violations
of the Hobbs act. I’m not up on these things, but I assume that’s a law
that says anyone who Bill
gets steamed up about, gets arrested.

  • lcreekmo

    We’re up to five now, with addl. arrests in Memphis. This is huge.

  • Bill Hobbs

    Hah! I wish!

  • Hudge

    Us old timers remember Rocky Top and what a turmoil it caused. We also remember Jake and CJ Butcher (and someday Bill Hobbs, I have to tell you a story about that era). We’ve been overdue for a scandal like this. Bet a lot of reporters are cancelling Memorial Day travel plans now.

  • Greg

    And don’t forget about Mr. Ray ‘Pardon Me?’ Blanton.

    Bill continues to deny any connection with the Hobbs Act. Deny! Deny! Deny!

    I’m still not sure I believe him.