Top 10 rejected names of Operation Tennessee Waltz

Top 10 rejected names of Operation Tennessee Waltz: Update on the big
scandal taking place here in Tennessee
, The rexblog has uncovered…

The top ten list of names the FBI rejected before naming the sting “Operation Tennessee Waltz.” (Drum roll, please):

10. Operation Tennessee Walking Pigs
9. Operation Tennessee Two Step
8. Operation Tennessee Pay Ride
7. Operation Paid Volunteers
6. Operation Red Neck Wee-men
5. Operation Hound Dogs
4. Operation Racketeer Top
3. Operation Tennessee Duds
2. Operation Achy Break Farts

And the #1 rejected name considered by the FBI before naming it “Operation Tennessee Waltz.”…

1. Operation Flabscam

  • Hudge

    Tennessee Bribed was number 11
    If they walk all the perps together, is it the Bribed of the Southland Marching Brigands?