Hey, they know me at the Green Hills Apple Store

Hey, they know me at the Green Hills Apple Store:
Last night, I spent the first several of what I’m sure will be many,
many dollars at the new mini-Apple store at the Green Hills Mall.
Apparently, a few folks who work there have heard about my T-Shirt auction on eBay to benefit the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation to defend bloggers sued by Apple.
Anyway, the 14-year-old in my household was trying to pretend he didn’t
know me when new friend, Ellis, who works at the Apple Store asked,
“Are you that Rex?”

By the way, the bid is up to $31 (along with a $25 matching donation).

I’d like to clarify to Apple employees. I don’t think there is any policy in place that suggests you can’t read blogs. Merely, that you can’t supply trade secrets to them.

  • Steve Kirks


    I’m the $31 bidder and I’d be thrilled if someone outbid me…

  • Hudge

    someone apparently has, it was closing in on $42 when I looked Friday at noon.