7 Tips for Getting of Control of E-mail

From Darwin Magazine: 7 Tips for Getting of Control of E-mail.


If any subject or issue involves more than two e-mails, one party should call the other to resolve the issue by phone.

No junk e-mail, no jokes.

Only send relevant information, which is defined as just what the person needs to know.

Limit CCs (which might be more appropriately named CYA).

Don’t ping-pong with e-mail for a conversation; use the phone.

Deal with it and delete it.

Don’t read every e-mail as it comes in; handle them in batches.

(via: cutting through)

  • Hudge

    Sometimes those saved, multiple emails are a terrific rearguard…

  • Chris Wage

    Personally I save every piece of e-mail ever sent to me..

    But the “handle them in batches” piece of advice is golden. Once you start doin business in an arena where time is truly money, you have to cut down on the impulse to immediately check every e-mail as it comes in.

    You realize that concentration is your most valuable asset.