We’ll kill this dog*

We’ll kill this dog*:Wired has been using decidedly uncool tactics when it comes to getting some people to renew their subscriptions.”

(*The heading “We’ll kill this dog” refers to one of the most famous (infamous?) magazine covers of all time, the cover of National Lampoon, January 1973)

(via: Romenesko)

  • Blair Stilwell

    Those auto-renewal clauses are such a con. Time put fine print on all of the renewal cards when my subscription was nearly finished a few years ago, so instead I called to renew and specifically requested NOT to be signed up for autorenewal. Sure enough, they chagred my credit card automatically the next year. Luckily my complaint got me a discount. Since then I’ve used Amazon.com to renew subscriptions.

  • Hudge

    Thanks for pointing this out, it is most timely, as I’ve decided simply to help kill print, and am allowing all mag subscriptions to expire, even my decades-old National Geographic. I forget stuff so fast these days, there is no point in putting more new stuff in.

  • rex

    Hudge, please don’t kill print.