Another Steve Baker fan post

Another Steve Baker fan post: Okay. Let me make this clear. Steve Baker (and his blogging partner Heather Green) work for a magazine that is about as old-media as it gets. Millions of trees are sacrificed each year so that people like me can hold that magazine in our hands. However, as I have said here and have told anyone who asks, if you want proof that an old-media reporter can be a great blogger on a corporate-owned weblog, Steve Baker is your poster boy. He has now displayed also that he can report on the printed pages of BusinessWeek a story about business blogging (on a topic I noted last week on the rexblog) that provides insight only someone who blogs everyday can muster. His article about‘s demise in this week’s issue is the best article I have ever read “in print” regarding a business blogging-related topic.

Update: B.L. Ochman blogs that Steve misquoted her in his article. And, of course, he immediately points to her post, even before checking his notes. It’s all a conversation.

Update II: Steve blogs that, yes, he did indeed misquote B.L. and that a correction will appear in next week’s magazine. B.L. is thankful and says (and I’m cutting and pasting her quote for accuracy), “I guess this blogging stuff really IS a conversation. It’s a public conversation that is both permanent and high stakes. When it works, it is a thing of beauty.” I am happy that two of the bloggers on my newsreader have so rapidly worked things out the blogger way.

  • Hudge

    They got this done without lawyers being involved? Man, watch out or the ABA will be on your cases.

  • Lynn Lee

    Blogging consultant Ochman is now under attack for the bad, irresponsible, and unethical advice she sold to stupid Paul Purdue (to allow scathing criticism of his company to appear on his company blog) — while refusing to allow any criticism of herself on her own blog – !! Hypocrisy incarnate. See:

  • Gaby

    Realy good site!