Hostile names

Hostile names: When I see decisions like the NCAA ban on the use of Indian mascot names in post-season tournaments, it helps me understand how the same folks continue to say the football bowl-system makes sense to them.

What mascot name can the Florida State Seminoles use in post-season play? The FSU Panhandlers? The Shoplifters (oops, my UF family-ties are showing)?

Here’s my idea for a post-season substitute FSU mascot name: The Seminals.

  • Hudge

    Why not? Probably half the incoming class already spell it Seminals anyway.

  • JRob

    Are you really talking smack about FOOTBALL, guys? That’s okay. Maybe, if you’re lucky, some FSU player who is in the NFL will hire an ex-[insert your alma maters here] player to spell FOR him.

  • JRob

    And another thing, why doesn’t the Sierra Club can make Stanford stop using that tree as their mascot (which is actually not a bad idea).