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Presidential podcasting

Presidential podcasting: Patrick Ruffini (who else?) blogs that the White House has set up an RSS feed (iTunes subscribe link) of the President’s weekly addresses. In the spirit of bipartisanship, here’s an iTunes subscribe link for podcasts from the Democratic … Continue reading

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Blogging jumps the shark

Blogging jumps the shark: No, wait, what I meant to say was a shark jumps into blogging. (If you really care, here are the details of Donald Trump’s new blog.) The first few posts are snippet Donaldisms, like, “The glamour … Continue reading

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What Dave Winer said (and didn’t)

What Dave Winer said (and didn’t): “Podcasting goes VC,” says Dave, regarding dough for Podshow and Odeo. Eee-eye-eee-eye-oh. Related posts: Dave Winer says What Dave Winer said What Dave Winer said Dave Winer didn’t like my movie recommendation

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Good local podcasting pub

Good local podcasting pub: The Nashville City Paper has a feature on my favorite Nashville podcast, Candace Corrigan’s The Nashville Nobody Knows. (Flashback: previous rexblog fan posts about the show.) Related posts: Podcasting is not a threat to NPR station … Continue reading

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Ironically, too busy to blog

Ironically, I’m too busy to blog: I say, ironically, because the projects I’m neck-up to today that are keeping me away from a computer are business blogging/podcasting related. Talking and writing about blogging is interfering with my blogging. Back tonight, … Continue reading

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