Commercial music

Commercial music: During the Olympics last August, I blogged how that song on the Touareg commercial (Ariel Ramirez, sung by Richard Buckner) haunted me, but I could still never figure out the plot of the commercial. I also noted the younger viewers on my couch judged the commercial song, “boring.” I didn’t buy a Touareg, but I did purchase a CD by Richard Buckner filled with equally haunting and depressing songs. For fun, I think I’m going to see him tonight at the Mercy Lounge. And no, I’m not trying to step into nightlife blogging vaccuum left by the departure of Mr. Roboto. (Speaking of which, why does Thursday NIght Fever have a padlock on it?)

  • lcreekmo

    WEll that is downright bizarre. For the record, I’ve been enjoying the Notorious EFA.

  • Hudge

    Hearing depressing music at a joint called the Mercy Lounge is almost too good a juxtaposition to be true. Can you dance to any of his stuff?

  • rex

    I can’t, but no doubt, you could.

  • lcreekmo

    I can’t wrap my brain around that at Mercy. It is the cram-in-and-sweat-against-the-person-next-to-you sort of place, best for blockbuster dance shows that pack the place so tight you can’t possibly dance.

  • Hudge

    Well awright! Bext time they have a dance band, Laura, I will see you there.

  • Donny

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