Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright?

Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright? Doc Searls points (depressingly) to this “news” story on a North Carolina ABC affiliate’s website:

Is Someone Stealing Your Internet Connection?

Someone could be stealing your Internet service right now – – and you would never know it. Thieves are using wireless technology to help themselves to your connection.

Now, compare that screed with a recent NPR interview regarding the same topic with the NY Times Magazine ethics columnist Randy Cohen, who said something like: “If you pay for Internet access somewhere (i.e., for your DSL connection) then you’ve made your contribution to the network. So, it’s okay to use free wi-fi you may encounter floating around. (However, don’t abuse your neighbor’s generousity by doing anything that may clog his or her bandwidth … and you’re a mooch if you don’t pay for access somewhere.)”

  • Mikey


    These articles make me so mad. “Are Thieves Stealing Your Light?” You pay for the electricity… but maybe people are looking at a bus map from the light from your window, AND YOU’D NEVER KNOW!!

  • lcreekmo

    That’s the best.


    Just wait until the Tennessean reads this NYT article and turns it in to a special report.