Music market channels

Music market channels: I’ll start off by saying I know nothing about the music business. Very little about it makes sense to me. Recently, I read (WSJ subscription required) where being for sale at Starbucks could help make a CD into a hit. Then I saw an big poster at the Nashville airport promoting a new Alison Krauss & Union Station, featuring Jerry Douglas (AKUSFJD) CD that’s available exclusively through Cracker Barrel Restaurants. And yesterday, it was announced that Garth Brooks will only sell his music via Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores and their online outlets.

I guess no one buys CDs at “record” stores anymore. And, frankly, I didn’t know that anyone bought Garth Brooks CDs anymore, anywhere.

  • lcreekmo

    Well I _used_ to buy Garth Brooks albums but obviously I won’t be anymore.

  • rex

    While I totally believe the second half of that claim, I’m having a challenge picturing you as a Garth fan.

  • Mr Roboto

    Will Garth’s pop music alter ego, Chris Gaines, still be selling blockbuster cds at large music retailers? That’s the question I have.

  • rex

    Mr. R., I think Chris Gaines has signed an exclusive distribution deal, offering his music exclusively through merchants at the Nashville Flea Market.

  • Mark Woodward

    I think that the Alison Krauss venture has been VERY good for them, and Cracker Barrel

  • lcreekmo

    When the perennial question was asked recently, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure iTunes download, I was unable to answer. Almost all of mine fit into that category. The only way you could call me at all sophisticated when it comes to my musical tastes is that I have an ear for real blues.