The Times-Picayune Breaking news weblog deserves a Pulitzer

The Times-Picayune Breaking news weblog deserves a Pulitzer: From life-saving advice to in-depth analysis of the options available for where the Saints will play this season to first-person vignettes, the Times-Picayune breaking news weblog is breaking new ground in integrating traditional news reporting with the conversational, real-time conventions of blogging.

It’s almost a relief when a T-P item like this hits my RSS newsreader:

Ant balls not an urban myth: In addition to all of the other horrors befalling New Orleanians during the flood was the creepy discovery that red ants form themselves into floating clusters to avoid drowning. As Dante Ramos and I paddled along Carrollton Avenue on Wednesday, I saw two glittering, golf ball-sized masses of ants floating beside our canoe.

  • Barbara

    Better red ants, than a log of cottonmouths. I’ve been concerned about the evacuees avoiding the cottonmouths in Louisiana and Mississippi.