And unlike where I am, Nashville has plenty of broadband

And unlike where I am, Nashville has lots of broadband: I’m in yet another Internet-challenged location, however, I was online long enough tonight to learn that Nashville is considered “cool” by Kiplinger Magazine. It’s one of seven “cool cities” the magazine says are “exciting locations for young people where jobs are plentiful and rents are low enough to leave you a little extra cash in your pocket to enjoy the nightlife.”

My only question: Do any cool young people actually read Kiplinger Magazine?

  • Hudge

    Sure, Rex – you do…

  • lcreekmo

    Haha. I’d love to see the Kiplinger demographics. I bet their median reader is 47. I’m just being evil, really, because they often depress me. They [and many other personal finance mags] are always featuring people who have amassed a $1m nest egg on say, $12,000 a year.

  • Shawn Lea

    I’m cool, but I doubt I’d be considered young anymore – staring down the barrel at 36 and all. 😉