100 most misspeled, mispelled, and misspelled words

100 most misspeled, mispelled, and misspelled words: Last week, after I bragged about a team from Hammock Publishing winning the Nashville Corporate Spelling Bee, a recently retired blogger pointed out that I misspelled a word in my post. Of course, in the post I noted that one of team’s keys to victory was not inviting me to be on it.

Someone else sent me a link to Dr. Language’s “100 Most Often Misspelled Words in English.” Ironically, one of the most misspelled words is misspell (often misspelled mispell).

  • Summer

    I started a quick scan of the list to see how I would do given this list as a spelling test… then I stopped at “bellwether.” Am I to assume that word is used enough to be misspelled??? HA!!!