GE brings a sorta Web 2.0 thingee to life

GE brings a sorta Web 2.0 thingee to life: This white board flash thing from G.E. has been around for a while — I’ve seen it tied into the company’s online advertising. However, they’ve recently added a collaboration feature that now makes it (at least to me) more than a gimmick, but a tool that can be used in certain conference call circumstances. Hint: there’s a typing tool as I doubt few of us can use a mouse or track pad as a drawing tool with enough skill or speed to be that practical in a business meeting context.

If you’re away from home, however, it may be fun to draw pictures with your young children back home.

  • pragsdale

    Hmmm, it’s interesting. Looks like it would be fun to draw with your friends online. Wonder if it would lead to any masterpieces.