Apple’s iPod pricing strategy has never made sense, except to the marketplace

Apple’s iPod pricing strategy has never made sense, except to the marketplace: Apparently, there are lots of angry and confused folks regarding the weird pricing strategy of Apple when it comes to how one iPod version can cost $50 more than another yet the features on the one $50 more can be, in the minds of the angry folks, so much more.

This reminds me of the time when Apple introduced the iPod Mini and I blogged a similar confusion and implied how strange I thought it was to think anyone would purchase a Mini. The maketplace wasn’t confused, however, as customers continued to purchase the iPod & the iPod mini despite the exact type of disparity that is seen between the nano and the video iPod.

Today, I guess I’m wiser. I can comprehend the products are for two marketplaces. Like convertables and sedans are for different types of drivers.

Or, at least I know why I’m happy to keep my nano and don’t feel ripped off by Apple this time.

However, I would feel ripped off if I purchased a new iMac G5 and six months later they come out with features they are obviously holding back (ie, TV tuner).

I can predict one thing. In about 2-3 years, I’ll be purchasing a TV-media center flat screen something-or-other that will hang on my wall and be fairly large — and it will have the Apple brand on it. I won’t be disappointed in the previous model because I’ll wait until they have exactly what I want.

  • Hudge

    Rex – I figured you would buy 4 of those wall-size screens, since Fahrenheit 451 is one of your favorite books…

  • rex

    Hudge, I came very close to mentioning that book when I made the original post. However, I was afraid some people would think I was referring to Michael Moore’s similarly-named mockumentary.

  • lewis pennock

    I just wanted to point out that local band (and friends of mine) Venus Hum is one of the only six bands listed in the electronica section under the new video downloads. Someone at Apple must like them as they were also featured as a pick for the very first week the iTunes music store was open.