I take it all back

I take it all back: From time to time, I’ve, well, made fun of all those lists of “top this” and “top that.”

How dumb of me: Lists like the new Media Business Magazine’s Top 100 ‘Players’ in Business Media are awesome and prove that lists are one of the best things you can put on your website or in your magazine if you want links from egotistical bloggers like me.

(But really, a “player”?)

  • Josh Hallett

    yeah you’re ‘edgy’ 🙂

  • Andrew

    “…one of the early adopters of Google’s AdWorks program…”
    “AdWorks”? I’ve heard of AdWords and AdSense, but not AdWorks. I can’t find any such thing on Google’s site, either.
    Is “AdWorks” a typo, or am I just way out of the loop?
    Oh, and congrats, of course.

  • rex

    I’m an expert at AdWorks — it’s a top-secret hush-hush thing that I adopted back in the 1960s. (It’s very edgy.)

  • Barbara


  • brittney

    I can barely read this blog from all the cuts! SO EDGY.

  • Busy Mom

    You’re a “playa”!