Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping: Let’s say one knows exactly what one wants to purchase and it’s a fairly mainstream item, say, a DVD of a season of TV shows or a popular electronics device. Is there a reason to drive across town to purchase that item at a physical store when you can do it online in less than five minutes and get free shipping and know that it will be delivered by the time you need it? Am I missing something? Besides, the store’s employees know less about the product than an 8-year-old with Google can discover in 30 seconds. Oh, and did I mention the part about backing into a car in the parking lot of the store?

  • Andrew

    Amen. My wife and I have a natural aversion to malls generally, but it develops into a full-blown allergy this time of year. Haven’t been near a mall or a big-box this season.

  • Cole

    It’s all very simple for me: rules.