The Plastic Loose Fill Council

What to do with those plastic packing peanuts: Okay, so I decided to shop online and the boxes have started to arrive. Which led me to wonder what to do with all those plastic peanut packing things. It appears there’s a trade association called the Plastic Loose Fill Packaging Council and they run the Peanut Hotline, 800-828-2214, which is the national reuse program for plastic packing peanuts. No kidding. There are over 1,500 collection sites in the US. Use the database on their website to find one close to you. Here’s some more about packing peanuts.

(I wonder if there is a Bubble Wrap Council.)

(via: ResourceShelf)

  • Hudge

    You can use the non-biodegradable ones as the bottom layer in repotting plants, instead of gravel. Of course, the average box contains enough nuts to repot a small forest…

  • lcreekmo

    Oh I am so glad for this. I have a bad of peanuts the size of me (literally) that I have been keeping for four or five years, thinking I would ship something eventually. I will finally be able to dispose of them in good conscience.

  • Hudge

    you can also use them to stuff dog sack beds.