The greatest Christmas movie ever

The greatest Christmas movie ever: Every year it’s the same. My kids ask, “Is this the year you are going to finally watch ‘A Christmas Story‘?” And I say, “Maybe.” They can’t believe I haven’t seen a movie they think is “so me” (whatever that means). Now, after hitting “record” on my DVR during TBS’s 24 hour marathon of playing Christmas Story continuously, I just became a joyful member of the Christmas Story cult. Merry Christmas people. Let’s go eat some “Chinese turkey.”

  • Hudge

    Few people have ever been funnier about childhood (and life) than Jean Shepherd.

  • Cole

    Ahhh, the 24-hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. That has fast become a Huggins household tradition. Welcome to the club, Rex. We’re glad to have you.

  • Shawn Lea

    I have been very tempted to buy that reproduction fishnet-stocking leg-lamp each year when I see it in the catalogs, but, somehow, each year, I overcome the temptation (thankfully). (Something tells it wouldn’t be as funny come July!)

  • lcreekmo

    Don’t feel bad. I’ve never seen it either (including this year). Something about a rifle?? I’ll get around to it. I’m an “It’s a Wonderful Life” fan.

  • Carl

    I guess I’m in the minority on this but I can’t stand the movie “A Christmas Story.” To me the characters are whiny, unsympathetic and unlikable. The movie grates on my nerves like few movies do. Sorry, but that one doesn’t work for me. There are plenty of other Christmas movies I like so much better (three different versions of “A Christmas Carol” come to mind — the ones with Reginal Owen, George C. Scott & Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge).