Key West Flickr set

Key West Flickr set: My father-in-law was in one of the first cars to drive all the way to Key West without having to ferry between any island (in 1938). He’s been coming here since even before then, however. When I come here, it’s usually to fish with him but this week, I’m just hanging out with family. Reading. Riding bikes. Taking pictures. When you look beyond the gritty tourist trap it has become, you can still see the beauty of Key West. It’s warm and sunny here this week and just what I needed before facing January. Here are some photos from today.

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Tampa Airport, I salute you

Tampa Airport, I salute you*: TPA, the airport serving the Tampa Bay area does what all airports should do: They provide free wireless connectivity to the Internet for passengers using the airport. They are wise and considerate to do that. On the other hand, Nashville’s Airport (BNA) still wants to make $7 each from passenger who desires to use his or her computer while passing through there. BNA provides free air-conditioning. It provides free access to restrooms. I think it’s time they join this list of enlightened airports who do the same for wifi.

*Part of a continuing series. Whenever passing through an enlightened airport offering free access to the Internet for its customers, I salute it.

Update: Want to help me build a directory of airports with free wifi? I’ve added one to If you run across an airport that needs to be added, please feel free to do so.

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