Best product to come out of Nashville since the Goo-Goo Cluster

Best product to come out of Nashville since the Goo-Goo Cluster:  the Griffin TuneCenter. “Attach TuneCenter to your television and stereo (via S-video) for viewing photos, watching video, listening to your iPod music library or internet radio. With the included 14 button remote, TuneCenter turns your iPod into a complete Home Media Center. Just dock the iPod into TuneCenter, and let the entertainment begin.” (All for the cost of about 40 boxes of Goo-Goos, $99).

(Disclosure: Even though Griffin Technology is based in Nashville, I have no connection whatsoever with the company or its management nor have I ever been given any free products or other considerations by the company in exchange for blogging about how great their products are — However, if they’d like send me over some stuff to “try out,” I’m sure we could work out something :-{)

Bonus link: Dumbest iPod accessory ever (scroll down).

(via: Digg).

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  • lewis pennock

    yes, i feel bad for whoever is hosting their site right now. oh, wait, that’s us. i’m trying to think of some clever way to combine “slashdotted” with ipod accessories, but “AmazingNewWildlyPopulariPodAccessoryDotted” is too long a word.

    Also, great job tonight – enjoyed the “gig” too (to reference both Steven Colbert and another rexblog comment all at the same time)

  • Hudge

    Re that dumb accessory’s name – how about iRocknRoll?

  • rex

    Hudge, you wouldn’t be talking about the idog, would you?

  • Marc

    I didn’t know Griffin was here in Nashville. That’s cool. Also, “Slashdotted” is so 2000. Nowdays it’s called “the Digg effect”. 😉