Why I don’t blog “24”

Why I don’t blog “24”: There is absolutely no reason to when Dave Barry live-blogs “24.” If you can stand the spoilers, it’s a must-read. Tomorrow, he’ll do his traditional recap. Actually, it was Dave Barry live-blogging it that got me hooked on 24. He adds a whole new dimension to watching it.

Later: Here’s a request for a Web 2.0ish mashup – A separate feed of 24 that has Dave Barry’s comments running real-time like “pop-up video.”

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Back when obituaries were obituaries

Back when obituaries were obituaries: Commenting on my country music politicians trivia post yesterday, University of Tennessee Professor Robert Stepno informed me of yet another country-music politician, Robert Love (Fiddling Bob) Taylor, a three-time governor of Tennessee in the 1880s and 90s. He also served in the U.S. Senate and House. Robert (the professor, not the fiddler) points to an obituary that makes me long for the good old days when death notices included the important stuff:

“All his years in Congress made him none the less a mountaineer. He loved fried chicken better than a hound loves possum scraps. He drank his whiskey straight and he raised his hat to every woman he met. He could play the fiddle as no one else in the mountains, could ride a horse bareback and follow the hounds until the horn blew for breakfast the next day.”

They just don’t write ’em like that anymore.

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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement: We interrupt this blog to bring a small segment of its readers an important announcement: If you’re a TiVo/DVR user and you think you’re all set to record tonight’s premiere of “24,” be aware that coverage of the NFL playoff game ran long and you need to add another 30 minutes to what you’re recording. We will now return to our regularly-scheduled blogging.

How to spin an argument 2.0

How to spin an argument 2.0: It is interesting to compare how the CEO of Simon & Schuster uses an L.A. Times op-ed piece to spin what book publishers and the author’s guild want us to believe what Google is doing with Google Book Search with how Larry Lessig spins the pro-Google point of view using his unique presentation method.

(Where I stand: I’m pro Lessig method of presenting an argument vs. the LA Times op-ed approach.)

Update: LA Times link fixed. Thanks, Stew.
Update II: Brian Dear’s rebuttal to Lessig, via: John Battelle

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