I don’t mind being called a blogger, but it’s not what I am

I don’t mind being called a blogger, but
that’s not really what I am:
Jackson Miller picks
up a riff
from my “business
blogging” presentation
in Nashville the other day: my
prediction that the term “blog” is here to stay, but the term blogger
will have a shorter life span. (Are we called

Here are some ways he
describes a few tools of

– “A one-to-one / small group, private communication
Email – “An asynchronous one-to-one / medium group,
semi-private email”
Blogging – “An asynchronous one-to-group,
public communication

A blog is one of
many ways I communicate. If I were a carpenter and I used a hammer in
my work, I wouldn’t be called a hammerer. I am a father and a husband
and a business owner and a friend and a church-member and several other
things. I use a blog to communicate, but I also use flickr.com/photos/rexblog
and del.icio.us/rexblog and
and a phone and email and IM and iChat
and several other things. I don’t mind being called a
blogger — in fact, I like it — but that’s not
really what I am.

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  • Bob Stepno

    Hi Rex,

    Are you sure you want to close the door to being called a “kaboodler,” “flickrer” and “deliciouser”?(Hmm. No Skype on your list yet?)

    This reminds me of an argument against calling a certain type of investigative journalism “Computer Assisted Reporting” — “… because we never talked about ‘telephone-assisted reporting!”

    (Digression: I wish I’d gotten to a CAR seminar in Nashville a few years ago. The folks at http://ire.org called it NashCAR for short and its promotional graphics stuck in my memory.)

    Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration to get a bunch of students talking about our “logosphere” that begins with B, and sneak in a link to your site and more… even the Bass-o-matic.

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