Great moments in traditional advertising that turned viral

Great moments in traditional advertising that turned viral: How remarkable does a television commercial need to be before bloggers start pointing to it and everyone you know starts sending you emails that link to it? Well, this Honda ad from the UK is the first one I can ever recall linking to (after the flash is loaded, click “View Civic” to see the ad). I’ll predict one thing: this commercial is better than any ad that will air during the Super Bowl. (Sidenote: The ad and a “making of the ad” video are available for download as mp4 files which the site describes as a “video podcast”)

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  • Blair Stilwell

    I also like this Honda UK ad with Garrison Keillor:

  • Terry Heaton

    Better than this is the hilarious “release” of stills and video of the Burger King with Brooke Burke, designed to look like they’re having a “thing.” Wonderful stuff.

  • Hudge

    cute, almost worth the five minutes it took to load and the jiggy stop-and-start of the first run through of the ad as it loaded and played.