I have duped the readers of this weblog

I have duped the readers of this weblog: In the spirit of coming clean, I’d like to admit to Oprah Winfrey and the American people that most of the posts on this blog are not written by me. In an attempt to cut costs, I have been outsoucing “content manufacturing” to an outfit in China that uses under-age bloggers making 12¢ a day. Also, I’d like to admit another thing: I’m such a geek that when I hear the title of a book with the word “pieces” in it, I think of David Weinberger. I’m glad that I have now come clean with the American people.

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  • Marc

    Could you email the contact info for that outfit in China? I’ve been so busy lately that I could really use their services.

  • Hudge

    That’s ok, we know you secretly write this blog: