How do you add an RSS feed option to any page of a site running on mediawiki?

How do you add an RSS subscription option to any page of a site running on MediaWiki? (I’m posting a version of this question other places, (and I’m doing this) but I figured I might as well add it to the rexblog.) As I work down the list of features to add to the “softly relaunching” (my term), one of the obvious ones is to give people the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed of any page. We’re running the site on MediaWiki which has the feature baked into the “Recent Changes” page (you can see it under the “tool box” on Wikipedia’s Recent changes page, for example). Before Patrick Ragsdale, who’s helping me on the technical side of things, and I set out on a mission to re-invent the wheel, can someone point me to an extension or hack that does this. (Once more, for clarification: We’ve already figured out how to — and will be adding soon — the ability to display an RSS feed on any page; what we’re looking for now is how to give users the option to subscribe to any page via RSS.)

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  • Blair Stilwell

    You’re tempting me to ignore my studies and start making a MediaWiki extension.

  • rex

    blair, I think that would be a great use of your weekend.