Olympics observations

Olympics observation: The phrase “throwing down” and “straight up” will go mainstream after a few more days of snowboard coverage. I’m expecting bloggers to start writing, “Jeff sure threw down a great post this morning, straight up.” I’m off to bed so I can get up at 2 a.m. to watch live coverage of curling. Not.

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  • Hudge

    and those phrases will sound right only if they are coming from people under 25. who will already have stopped using them

  • Blair Stilwell


  • Megan

    Actually, we’ve already stopped.

  • Hudge


  • lcreekmo

    Seriously. I think they were around when I was under 25.

  • Hudge

    This usage is quite different from an earlier usage:

  • brittney

    Who can forget Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”?

  • rex

    Brittney asks, “Who can forget Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”?”
    My answer: I can.