It snows more in Nashville than at the South Pole

It snows more in Nashville than at the South Pole: I know you’d expect such a factoid about snow at the NashvilleWX blog, not here. However, when following a link from Coudal Partners to an answer to the question, “Does it ever get too cold to snow?,” I thought it interesting the long-ago-posted answer uses Nashville vs. the South Pole snowfall to explain that it can never be too cold to snow — just too dry. For the record, according to the explanation, it snows an average of 11 inches in Nashville vs. 2 at the South Pole — however, global-warming aside, the “snows of yesteryear” never melt there and thus, in ski-resort terms, there’s a 9,000 foot base at the South Pole.

(Note: The ‘explanation’ includes an obligatory cheap shot at Nashville.)

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  • Hudge

    If he is so smart, why didn’t he put the Villon quote in the original French – or use the paraphrase of it in Catch 22?