What? No banjo questions?

What? No banjo questions? Rafat Ali interviews Bob Carrigan, president, IDG Communications, the alpha-b2b media company. Bob is a get-it guy. But then, I’m biased, because (you heard it first here): he’s also a hardcore bluegrass fan who does a little picking himself. I don’t know: there’s just something about knowing the CEO of the biggest tech media firm plays the banjo that helps me believe all is right with the world.

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Apple makes “volume limit” a part of iPod software

Apple makes “volume limit” a part of iPod software: (From USATODAY.com) “Apple Computer, facing complaints and a lawsuit saying the popular player can cause hearing loss, made a maximum volume setting available as part of a software update Wednesday. The free download applies to the iPod Nano and the iPod models with video-playback capabilities.”

I guess all the rest of you can just go deaf. Also, see earlier rexblog post: “The truthiness of iPod ear

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No, really. This time they really, really are

No, really. This time they really, really are: (From the WSJ – free feature) “WSJ.com – Time Inc. Makes New Bid To Be Big Web Player: Time Inc. is in the midst of another major effort to turn itself into a leading Web player. And this time, there is evidence that the publisher’s management is willing to fundamentally alter the way the magazines are run to make the Web push work.”

Is this 1995 and they are announcing Pathfinder (which, I’m amazed to see is still a working-URL with the heading “Time Inc. Portal”)? Has there been a month in the past decade when someone at Time Inc. was not saying they were trying to be a big web player? Did chasing this dream not lead this company to dive off a cliff before?

It’s painful watching this train wreck.

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