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Tennessee pride:   Reese Witherspoon made the hometown crowd proud tonight when she won the Oscar for best actress for portraying June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. A very deserving winner and classy acceptance speech. I can’t recall another Nashville-native ever winning in a major category.

And a Memphis rap group won the Oscar for a song from Hustle & Flow, a movie set in Memphis I blogged last year. Perhaps not the greatest acceptance speech ever, but certainly one of the most memorable. And while it may come as a shock for those who know my musical tastes (more Dolly than 36 Mafia), as I saw the movie Hustle & Flow and understand the importance of the song in film, I think it was the correct choice.

Update: Big surprise about Crash winning the Oscar for the best film. I’m surprised because it’s perhaps the first time I’ve ever seen a winner in that category twice before it won. I didn’t recommend it when I saw it as it’s not an easy or enjoyable film to watch. After seeing it the second time, I decided it was a much better crafted film than I first thought — and there are certain things about it that are brilliant —  but still, it’s rather heavy-handedly didactic (or is that heavily-handed?).

  • SistaSmiff@comcast.net

    Claude Jarman, Jr. won a “miniature” Oscar for “The Yearling.” That’s what they used to give children who made great performances. Whenever they have past Oscar winners on the show (every several years) he’s usually there.

  • rex

    I recalled another one “major.” Nashville native Tom Schulman won an Oscar for best screenplay for Dead Poets Society.

  • Lesley

    Perhaps you’re right about the context of that song, but I really think that the pimp song is just awful. Even as a native Memphian, I was pulling for Dolly–but because it’s a better song. I think she was robbed. But their speech was priceless, despite the fact that they should have thanked the director and didn’t.

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